Our Missions

The Maison des Sciences de l’Homme in Clermont-Ferrand is a Support and Research Unity, under the supervision of both Clermont Auvergne University and the CNRS. It initiates interdisciplinary research projects in scientific fields such as foreign languages, Social Sciences and Humanities (SHS), and supports the researchers and university lecturers of its 15 associate laboratories during every step of the conception, realization and circulation of their scientific projects.

As a member of a national network (called RnMSH) and of the Fédération des Recherches en Environnement (FRE), the MSH gathers every local SHS laboratory and accommodates two postgraduate schools and eight research unities.

Within its current scope (including its 15 associate laboratories), the MSH gathers more than 1,000 researchers, lecturers, doctoral students, and about a hundred BIATSS staff members (i.e. non-teaching staff).

As a research unity, the MSH has several missions, including:

  • Promoting interdisciplinarity
  • Encouraging interinstitutional dynamics
  • Supporting international collaboration
  • Developing its territorial establishment
  • Asserting its own scientific identity

As a support and research unity, the MSH has different goals, such as:

  • Assisting its research unities
  • Distributing and highlighting scientific knowledge
  • Encouraging innovative interdisciplinary programs
  • Structuring the local Social Sciences and Humanities 

The MSH also strives to:

  • Enable a dialogue between Social Sciences, Humanities and “hard” sciences
  • Implement shared technological platforms
  • Involve researchers and lecturers in the local, national and international networks
  • Support research training by collaborating with the postgraduate school of Humanities and Social Sciences and the postgraduate school of Economic, Legal, Political, and Management Sciences.